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Measuring The Tree For Science
Adventure Tree works with teachers to design lessons that fit into their curriculum. These lessons are not limited to science and physical education but also include creative opportunities to apply tree climbing to other content areas including literature, writing, social studies, math, art and music.

Some examples include students reading tree climbing related books, both fiction and non-fiction, and then having the opportunity to experience what they just read making their reading more meaningful. Students can spend time sitting high in a tree journaling, writing poetry, or even playing music. Once in the tree, students can use their art skills to make nature journal drawings or create water colors. The students can study the natural history of the tree, explore the organisms that call the tree canopy their home, study branch growth, measure branch and trunk diameters, and compare the different sizes of leaves at different heights in the tree among many other ideas. Students can estimate the age of the tree and research the past to determine different historical events that their tree has witnessed. The opportunities are endless. More lesson ideas and related book lists are available to partner teachers.

Tree climbing works best with groups of 15 or less, so classes can be divided into stations. For example, one group can be on the ground learning about the importance of trees and tree identification while the other group is gathering data about the number of plant and animal species found in the tree. Climb And Learn events are always custom events and therefore vary greatly in time and complexity. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your class.

Click here for description of the Adventure Tree Climb And Learn Program: Adventure Tree Climb and Learn Programs.pdf

Click here for ideas about learning programs that use tree climbing: Tree Climbing Educational Programs.pdf

If you have a tree in the schoolyard that you would like to use for tree climbing, Adventure Tree can visit and assess the tree. If the tree is appropriate for climbing, then you will soon be climbing right on your campus. Don't despair if you don't have a tree available, Adventure Tree has several trees within 20 minutes of downtown that can be used for school tree climbing events.

Contact Guy at Adventure Tree to discuss the opportunities available for students ages 8 - 108. Younger ages may safely climb, however their cognitive development may limit how quickly they learn the skills so extra time may be required. We look forward to working with you and your students.

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